Birthday: November 17, 2002
Hometown: Darien, Connecticut
Country Represent:  Spain (2023-Present)
U.S. (2014-2023)
Coaches: Tammy Gambill, Sandy Rucker, Damon Allen and Javier Fernandez
Previous Coaches: Peter Johansson, Mark Mitchell, Marylynn Gelderman Inese Bucevica, Tracy Wilson, Karen Preston, Brian Orser, Audrey Weisiger
Choreographer:  David Wilson (for 2023-2024 season)
Dresses by: Lisa McKinnon (for 2023-2024 season)
Training Centers: 
Broadmoor World Arena, Colorado Springs
Valdemoro Ice Rink, Madrid, Spain
Former Training Center: Cronin Ice Rink, Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club
Skating Club: Club Valdemoro
Broadmoor Skating Club
Former Skating Club:
Skating Club of SF


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Actresses: Amanda Seyfried & Audrey Hepburn
Movies: “Letters to Juliet” & “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”
TV Shows: Friends & Gossip Girl
Magazine: Vogue
Podcasts: What We Said Podcast
Songs: “Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John
Band: The Beatles
Color: Pink, Light Blue and Orange
Animals: Golden Retriever & Koala
Foods: Berries & Mint Chip Ice Cream
Drink: Water
Quotes: “Do you remember when you wanted what you already have…gratitude.”